Bev's Better Burgers

Bev's Better Burgers is the kind of place that will have a lifelong customer base. Located in Alachua, Florida, this tiny burger hut, is the bees knees! They offer a wide variety of fast food style meals. Including burgers, grilled cheese, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, ice cream and more. The burgers are better than most places around. The fries are good and salty, and the overall service from the staff, is satisfying. They offer limited outdoor seating, and a drive through. I almost forgot, they offer breakfast items as well! Check them out on Facebook at Bev's Better Burgers on Facebook

Address: 230 Main St, Alachua, FL 32615
Phone:(386) 462-2670


  1. This place is amazing. Been around since I've could remember. I lived one minute away from Bev's in Alachua!
    She is amazing and her staff are as well.
    If you have never been to Bev's... I suggest you go. �� I promise you won't regret it.

  2. Best place ever!


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