Iron Skillet - Ocala, Florida

Petro Stopping Center - Reddick, FL
The Iron Skillet is a located in a Petro Travel center. It is geared towards truckers. They have a small buffet, and they also offer regular menu food. The outside looks a bit rundown when you pull up, but the inside is a bit more updated. There is a truckers only section in the front, and regular seating in the back. The staff is super nice. They really cater to kids too. The plates are all mini skillets, pretty cool touch if you ask me. The buffet is decent, they offer chicken, pork, mashed potatoes, corn and more. The chicken was pretty good, the pork was really dry. All the side dishes were excellent. The prices are pretty reasonable too. It is a decent place to stop on the way to South Florida, or to North Florida if you are coming from the South. They do not have an official website.
You can check out the Travel Center website at

Iron Skillet
7401 W Highway 318Reddick, FL 32686
(352) 591-4842