Top Hog BBQ - Newberry, Florida

A new BBQ place is in town. Right next to Publix, in the Jonesville area. I decided to give it a try.
I went in around 5 PM, and it was fairly busy, but there were a few tables still open. The staff is nice, the place is clean, and I was impressed with the food. I am glad I got there when I did, because the place started filling up quick. They offer salads, sandwiches and more. Some of the entrees they offer are the usual smoked chicken, smoked brisket, pulled pork and more. Sides include mac 'n cheese, garlic green beans, coleslaw, pork and beans and more. They even have dessert. I ordered the brisket sandwich with fries. It was really good. They give you a fair portion for the price, and the service was pretty quick. They have a sweet BBQ sauce on the table, and a Top Hog sauce that has such a unique taste. It is slightly hot, but so good. The place is family friendly, but I did not see a kids menu. They do offer chicken tenders, which is a hit with most kids. You must check this place out.
Check out their website at

Top Hog BBQ

14128 West Newberry Road, Newberry, Florida 32669

Open Daily
Lunch 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Dinner 4:30 PM - 9:00 PM

Fuji Sushi - Jonesville/Newberry, Florida

I have been wanting to check this place out for years. I finally had a chance to eat dinner here. First off, the place is in a great location. In a Publix shopping center, with tons of parking and a lot of foot traffic. The place is small, but very nice. It is clean looking, and you do not feel squeezed in. We were seated right away, and given the menu. We ordered vegetable sushi, Niku Udon, and Combo Udon soup bowls. The combo comes with shrimp tempura and veggies on the side. The Niku Udon has beef in it. The portions are huge, well worth the money they are charging. The sushi was excellent. I had a feast in front of me, and we pretty much finished it off. The staff is extremely nice and attentive, and the place had a decent amount of people in it. They do offer some dishes for kids, which is nice for families. Besides sushi, they offer teriyaki dishes, chicken and shrimp curry, ribs and much more. The prices are fair, and I would for sure go back again. I want to do lunch next!
Visit their website at

Fuji Sushi
14218 W Newberry Rd
Newberry, Florida
(352) 332-9888

Woodyard Grill - Newberry, Florida

Newberry has a new and exciting place to eat, the Woodyard Grill. We have been hearing about this place for a long time now, and it is finally open for business. I went there for lunch, and was really impressed with what has been done to the building. It is nice and inviting. When you pull into the parking lot, the smell just makes you want to eat everything in the place. The open bar, the outdoor patio, is something Newberry truly needed. We chose to eat inside, and it was pretty busy. The server was really nice and attentive, and the place is nice and clean. There are many dishes to choose from. I'm talking chicken, ribs, burgers, fish, pork chops, sandwiches and much more. I chose the quarter chicken, with mashed potatoes and green beans. The food came out fairly quick, considering that they were pretty busy. I really enjoyed my plate. There are sauces on the table that you can use. It also came with garlic toast, which was perfect. The place is kid friendly as well. In fact, the kid meals come out on a frisby that they can take home. The prices are reasonable, and there was plenty of places to park. I really hope this place stays! It is a must visit, and it can only get better.

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Woodyard Grill
Newberry, Florida

The Charcoal Grill- Gainesville, Florida

I have never tried Nicaraguan food until today. Right near the Post Office in Newberry, is a food truck called The Charcoal Grill. There is a small amount of parking, and they have some benches and stand-up tables for eating. I took mine home. They have a decent menu. I took home the Carne Asada, and the beef tacos. The Carne Asada is delicious, and the meat was seasoned well. I had white rice and sweet plantains. It also came with a sweet, vinegar type slaw. The beef tacos were perfect. They also came with the slaw, and sour cream. They offer 9 menu items all together, plus a kids meal, which is chicken strips and fries. The truck is clean, the staff is very nice. You can tell they love cooking, and are proud of the product they put out. It is really nice to have something different in Newberry. I know this place will do well. So go out and try something different. Support it.

They have since moved permanently to Gainesville!

Check them out on Facebook at

The Charcoal Grill
7240 NW 4th Blvd
Gainesville, Fl 32607

Dave's New York Style Deli - Newberry, Florida

This place is awesome. I have been twice already. The place is located at Tioga Town Center in Jonesville. Dave's has indoor dining, and also a small outdoor area. They offer everything from Hot and cold subs, to bagels, Pastrami, Corned Beef, salads and much more. I had the Grilled Chicken Parmesan, with a side of potato salad. The food came out fast. It was really good, with the perfect amount of sauce and cheese. The menu is fairly large. there are so many subs to choose from. They have great side dishes, too. The place is kid friendly, but they offer beer and wine, as well. The place is clean, and the staff was friendly. This is the best deli in the area in my opinion. Quality food.
I recommend this place. Check out their website at

Dave's New York Style Deli
12921 SW 1st road, Tioga Town Center #105
Newberry, FL 32669
(352) 333-0291

Dave's New York Style Deli South
5750 SW 75th Court
Gainesville, Fl 32608


Bahama Breeze - Gainesville, Florida

I have never heard of this place until it recently opened up in Gainesville. I must say, I was impressed. The place is huge, with high ceilings and tropical looking fans spinning everywhere.
The bar is huge, and has an outdoor patio. The main part of the restaurant is wide open and a fun and pleasant atmosphere. The staff is nice, clean and attentive. The menu is filled with soup, salads, burgers, pork, steak, seafood, chicken, tacos and more. I ordered the Grilled Chicken with Cilantro-Crema. It was very good. I heard the Jerk Chicken pasta is amazing, too. They offer a kids menu, and they keep to the theme of the place 100%. I really recommend going here. It is just fun!
The place is not cheap! It will not break the bank, but it is generally around $10 plus per dish.
 They offer a happy hour, with half priced appetizers. Many good drinks to choose from, as well.

Well worth it! Visit their website at

Bahama Breeze Island Grille
3989 Plaza Blvd 
Gainesville, FL 32608
(352) 378-7555


Brazil Pizza - Newberry, Florida

Brazil Pizza has taken over the old Five Star Gourmet Pizza spot in Newberry. Towards the end, Five Star had a bad rap, and Brazil Pizza had to take over with that stigma. I have been hearing both good and bad reviews of this place, but I can tell they are really trying to get rid of the Five Star curse, and that can be hard to do when you have Newberry favorite, Villagio's, right across the street. Either way, I love pizza. I worked in a pizza place up north for years. So, I stopped in to try the pizza. First off, the place looks 1,000 times better than it used to. It is amazing what paint and new flooring can do. I was impressed with the fresh look, and the cleanliness of the place. I ordered a slice of plain pizza and a drink for $5.00. Which is pretty fair, considering how big the slice is. The dough is made fresh, which I could easily tell from the first bite. The sauce and cheese mended together well. The sauce is good, it could be a tad bit sweeter in my opinion, but still a solid tasting sauce in general. The staff was pleasant, and very sweet. She answered my questions without being rude, or acting like I am taking up her time. They offer pizza, cheeseystix, subs, calzones, salads, wings, desserts and more. All with competitive pricing. All the veggies are locally bought. They are slowly coming together here. It may take some time to win the hearts of Newberry, but if they stay consistent with their product, and handle customer service well, they should have no problem. I have read about some delivery problems, and maybe some problems when the place gets busy, and order times, but I hope they can get that together. Lets hope the curse will be lifted in time, because that place is pretty good. If you have not tried them yet, do so.

Visit them at

Brazil Pizza
120 SW 250th ST
Newberry, Florida 32669