Fuji Sushi - Jonesville/Newberry, Florida

I have been wanting to check this place out for years. I finally had a chance to eat dinner here. First off, the place is in a great location. In a Publix shopping center, with tons of parking and a lot of foot traffic. The place is small, but very nice. It is clean looking, and you do not feel squeezed in. We were seated right away, and given the menu. We ordered vegetable sushi, Niku Udon, and Combo Udon soup bowls. The combo comes with shrimp tempura and veggies on the side. The Niku Udon has beef in it. The portions are huge, well worth the money they are charging. The sushi was excellent. I had a feast in front of me, and we pretty much finished it off. The staff is extremely nice and attentive, and the place had a decent amount of people in it. They do offer some dishes for kids, which is nice for families. Besides sushi, they offer teriyaki dishes, chicken and shrimp curry, ribs and much more. The prices are fair, and I would for sure go back again. I want to do lunch next!
Visit their website at http://fujisushi-newberry.com

Fuji Sushi
14218 W Newberry Rd
Newberry, Florida
(352) 332-9888