Red Wok Buffet - Newberry, Florida

I love Chinese food, and there are a million of them in Florida. Red Wok Buffet is a decent little buffet with good food. The staff has always been really nice, and the place seems pretty clean.

The buffet has all the typical dishes and soups. The egg rolls and spring rolls are really good. It even has a few American style choices such as wings, and french fries. They even offer ice cream.
Of course they also offer a carry-out menu. They are fast too, the food is generally ready within 10 minutes. I have really never had a problem eating here. The food is good, not as good as others.
The pricing for the buffet is worth it during the week, at night and on the weekend, it is a bit much.

They have a Facebook page at
Address: 24204 West Newberry Road, Newberry, FL 32669