Blaze Pizza - Gainesville, Florida

Blaze Pizza recently opened up on Archer Road. It is known for its fast pizza cook time. Your pizza will seriously be done in around 3 minutes. When you walk in, it kinda reminded me of a Subway food prep set up. One person takes your order, they then take a already prepped dough on a pan, and pass it to the next person who asks you what kind of sauce you want. It then gets passed to the next person who asks what toppings you want. You can view all of the toppings right there. It is entertaining to watch. They then put it in the oven, and you pay and wait. They offer salad, beer, and wines that are available at the register. The place is fun and has a ton of room to eat, either inside or outside. The food is good, the pizza is a thin crust, which explains the faster cook time. The staff is very nice, though it is run by a college age crew. Which is fine, but it was very loud in the place with all of the workers talking and singing the orders. All in all, it is a fun place to check out. Prices are reasonable.
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Address: 3617 Archer Rd., Gainesville, FL 32608