Cilantro Tacos - Newberry, Florida

Cilantro Taco - Newberry, FL, United States
This is another cool little place, in the ever growing Newberry, Florida. There are few decent places to eat in Newberry, and this has joined them. Like many of the places in North Central Florida, the place could use a makeover. It is a simple, family run business. The place looks clean, and the food is good and fresh. I tried the steak tacos, they looked, and tasted authentic. They have great salsa too. The staff was pleasant, and the time to get my order was fairly decent, considering they are making fresh food. The prices are very reasonable. The place is worth a stop for something different, with yummy flavor. Besides tacos, they offer fajitas, tostadas, quesadillas, and more. They are very family friendly, they have a nice little kids menu too. Be sure to check them out ASAP!

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Tioga Town Center
12921 SW 1 Rd Suite #103, Newberry, FL 32669Phone number (352) 472-1300